The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal: Its Contribution to the Law of State Responsibility

The Algiers Accords reached between the United States and Iran in 1981 established the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal to settle financial claims between the two states or their citizens. Several billion dollars and thousands of claims were at issue. Following this agreement the Tehran American embassy hostages were released. The seven chapters, treating, inter alia, "The Tribunal in Jurisprudential Perspective," eligible and compensable claimants, and debt and contract claims, meticulously cover the cases brought before the tribunal and their implications for international law and practice. A study by legal scholars written for lawyers and other legal scholars, this book may be tough slogging for nonspecialists but is worth the effort. A fair and judicious presentation of the tribunal's work, it demonstrates how the fallout from even the most explosive interstate confrontations can be cleaned up, in part and post facto.

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