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New Worlds, New Geographies
New Worlds, New Geographies
By John Rennie Short
Syracuse University Press, 1998, 222 pp

This book is, according to the author, a personal one, "fitting an era when we are shifting from metanarratives to personal stories." The essays in this collection, some previously published, range from a disquisition on the concept of a new world order to ruminations on life as an academic to a dictionary of postmodernism in which the author presents random reflections on a disconnected series of words. Somehow connecting these pieces is the feeling that the world's geography can no longer be defined by the categories of the Cold War and must come to represent the interests of the marginalized. However worthy the latter goal, only an author who is very famous or very brilliant can get away with this kind of self-indulgence, and even then it is grating. Other people should stick to books with a hypothesis, evidence, and conclusions.