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War and the Media: A Random Searchlight
War and the Media: A Random Searchlight
By Miles Hudson and John Stanier
New York University Press, 1998, 338 pp

Most books on this subject come from the computers of journalists or professional media watchers. These authors are rather different: one a British soldier, diplomat, and Conservative politician, the other the first British officer to become director of public relations, and subsequently chief of the General Staff in the early 1980s. Perhaps not surprisingly, there is a great deal of harrumphing about the misdeeds of the press and its power to "usurp the democratic function of Parliament and Congress." Many of the chapters are thinly researched (the one on Vietnam, for example, absurdly so), and the treatment of the press is often patronizing. Still, those in the world of journalism may find this a useful view from the other side of the hill.