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Fighting for the Future: Will America Triumph?
Fighting for the Future: Will America Triumph?
By Ralph Peters
Stackpole Books, 1999, 192 pp

The author, a newly prominent retired soldier, poses a stark choice: "Shall we dominate the earth for the good of humankind or will we risk the enslavement of our country and our civilization?" This kind of overheated prose steams and sizzles throughout this book. Peters hammers his one main point over and over again -- the rise of "warriors" abroad has created a new enemy for American soldiers. By "warriors" he means the turbulent youth of marginal lands, who fight less for state interests than for religious motivations or the sheer pleasure of killing. This reads a bit strange while NATO pilots are pounding a foreign military that is exterminating civilians in the name of state policy. All in all, a thin book, and not just from a literal point of view.