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Clinton's World: Remaking American Foreign Policy
Clinton's World: Remaking American Foreign Policy
By William G. Hyland
Praeger, 1999, 224 pp

If newspaper articles are the first draft of history, this book synthesizes them to provide the first draft history of Clinton's foreign policies. It usefully recalls and orders all those stories into a coherent narrative, composed with an informed eye. But the book rarely goes beyond its newspaper source material to offer more depth on the policy stories -- even those like Somalia or Bosnia, where a significant amount of evidence is already available. The book also ends in 1998, before the recent wars against Iraq and Yugoslavia. In appraising Clinton, the overall tone of the book is captured well in a quote that Hyland provides from Owen Harries, a quote given in defense of the Clinton record: "Clinton's foreign policy is not an unmitigated disaster. It is not even a mitigated disaster. It is merely quite bad in certain ways that have limited consequences."