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Kargil 1999: Pakistan's Fourth War for Kashmir
Kargil 1999: Pakistan's Fourth War for Kashmir
Edited by Jasjit Singh
Knowledge World, 1999, 341 pp

South Asia has produced its share of military history and those who write about it. Unfortunately, much of South Asia's own military literature has not made its way to Western readers. This volume, produced by a retired air commodore who directs the Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis, is thoroughly Indian in outlook and judgment. Bearing that in mind, the reader will nonetheless find an interesting and useful summary of the latest Indo-Pakistani war -- and a war it most certainly was. Students of the subcontinent will nervously ponder the consequences suggested by the editor's confident judgment that "if India can beat a professional military force equipped with modern firepower, on the ground and at a time of Pakistan's choice, with the initiative also in its hands, with strategic and tactical surprise almost complete, then India can beat Pakistan anytime, anywhere."