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Cuban Communism (10th revised and updated edition)
Cuban Communism (10th revised and updated edition)
Edited by Irving Louis Horowitz and Jaime Suchlicki
Transaction, 2001, 901 pp

The causes for the dangerous impasse on Cuba are well captured in this thoroughly revised and updated edition of a classic manual. There is no handier guide to the Castro regime and the debates swirling around it. This edition contains some sobering but pertinent speculation on Cuba's post-Castro future, but the bottom line for the editors (both fervent opponents of Castro) is that they foresee no change in Castro himself. Furthermore, they do not believe that the sort of "constructive engagement" exemplified by the report reviewed above will shake Castro's faith in socialism. No doubt this view is still held by a majority of Cuban Americans in the United States. Yet the majority of the U.S. population, business interests, and Midwestern farmers looking for export markets now appear to believe that it is time to end the Cold War in the Caribbean. This book should remind them why history is not so quickly banished.