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People's Liberation Army After Next
People's Liberation Army After Next
Edited by Susan M. Puska
U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, 2000, 352 pp

There are roughly two schools of thought about China's People's Liberation Army. One sees a vast, corrupt, cumbersome organization equipped with antiquated hardware, hopelessly if not permanently outclassed by the United States. The other sees a military on the way up, aware of its weaknesses, committed to developing its professional officers, and increasingly adroit in its selection of technology and its development of operational concepts. The authors of these essays tend toward the latter view. Several sections stand out. Mark Stokes's discussion of Chinese military space and missile development as it affects Taiwan is particularly thorough; other subjects covered include the PLA air force and maritime forces, logistics and information warfare, and China's reaction to the Kosovo war. A good review, albeit with a relatively short shelf life, but not to be disregarded.