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Inside Chinese Business: A Guide for Managers Worldwide
Inside Chinese Business: A Guide for Managers Worldwide
By Ming-Jer Chen
Harvard Business School Press, 2001, 219 pp

China's rich history and culture pervade contemporary Chinese thought and behavior. Foreigners wishing to do business with China can benefit from understanding this cultural background and how it influences Chinese communication, negotiation, and business behavior. This book usefully provides relevant material on culturally inspired behavioral patterns and offers guidelines for how to deal with them. Much focus is on traditional Chinese norms and behavior still found today in overseas Chinese communities, especially in the arc from Taiwan to Thailand. Some of that legacy remains in mainland China, but there the break with the past has been greater. In addition, structural conditions (especially the role of the government) are different, in turn creating varying behavior patterns. The book is written as a guide for Westerners doing business with China, but it is useful also for diplomats and researchers -- indeed, for anyone who wants to engage the Chinese in cooperative endeavor.