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Turkey's Transformation and American Policy
Turkey's Transformation and American Policy
Edited by Morton Abramowitz
Century Foundation Press, 2001, 298 pp

Topics covered here include the changing nature of Turkey's domestic politics, Turkey and the Kurds, the Turkish economy, Greek-Turkish relations, Turkish perceptions of U.S. policy, and American policy toward Turkey. Although the major organizing theme is American-Turkish relations, the book as a whole transcends bilateral ties and presents clearly the complexities of Turkish politics, whether domestic or foreign. Such issues as Turkey and the European Union, Turkish-Israeli relations, the Turkish military's adamant defense of secularism against Islamist challenges, and Cyprus are treated with a sure touch for the historical background and the present situation. Cengiz Candar on Turkish views of the United States and Alan Makovsky on the multiple pressures affecting U.S. policy toward Turkey illustrate well the messy reality of diplomacy -- even among friends.