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The Coming Democracy: New Rules for Running a New World
The Coming Democracy: New Rules for Running a New World
By Ann Florini
Island Press, 2003, 272 pp

In this provocative exploration of global governance, Florini argues that the mounting environmental, socioeconomic, and security challenges of the twenty-first century cannot be managed by the old institutions of the post-1945 era. Effective collective action today requires new forums and cooperative mechanisms that bring transnational and local groups directly into international decision-making. World government is not the answer, but neither is decentralized national or market-based governance. Instead, Florini recommends a new system that incorporates public and private, national and transnational actors into agglomerated representative bodies. The challenge is to engineer such a system without sacrificing democratic accountability. Florini's book begins by exploring the theory and practice of nonstate democratic-based governance, where voice and transparency are built into multilateral decision-making. Other chapters examine the role of national governments, private enterprises, and civil society in the creation of new global rules. Florini ends by applying these ideas to current debates about globalization and sustainable development. The result is a lively and sophisticated glimpse at the coming battle over global governance.