An Alliance at Risk: The United States and Europe Since September 11

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An Alliance at Risk: The United States and Europe Since September 11

By Laurent Cohen-Tanugi. trans. by George A. Holoch, Jr
Johns Hopkins University, 2003
168 pp. $19.95

Well informed, thoughtful, and lucid, Cohen-Tanugi's is a voice that should be heard. An international lawyer educated in France, he has written several intelligent books on public affairs, comparative democracy, and law. His newest is a remarkably balanced reflection on the tensions between the European approach to world affairs and U.S. diplomacy since September 11. Cohen-Tanugi is both a sensible Atlanticist and a "European integrationist" of long standing. He calls for a "Euro-Atlanticism" that would favor a common European military policy without challenging U.S. primacy; he criticizes both European anti-Americanism and U.S. unilateralism reinforced by hostility toward the European Union. His main weakness is a tendency to soften the rough edges and ignore the uglier aspects of Bush's foreign policy -- and to underestimate the depth of the rift over Iraq. Cohen-Tanugi is right to want to soothe, but, at least in official Washington, is anyone really listening?

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