Rebuilding Liberia: Prospects and Perils, Africa report no. 75

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Rebuilding Liberia: Prospects and Perils, Africa report no. 75

By International Crisis Group
International Crisis Group, 2004
47 pp. $0.00

With this judiciously argued and authoritative report, the International Crisis Group continues its excellent analysis of the Liberian civil war. In 2003, the international community pledged to help secure peace in Liberia after more than a decade of war. But the reconstruction of Iraq has diverted the world's attention, and this report highlights the failure of the international community -- most notably the United States -- to fulfill its commitments (even though the cost of aiding Liberia would be well under a billion dollars, a small fraction of what Washington and its allies are spending in Iraq). This lamentable shirking, the refreshingly candid report emphasizes, is likely to have dreadful consequences, leaving Liberia's fate to the "unsavory mix of greedy, malicious, and murderous characters" who make up the current transitional government.

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