Waging Peace: Israel and the Arabs, 1948-2003

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Waging Peace: Israel and the Arabs, 1948-2003

By 2nd Ed. by Itamar Rabinovich
Princeton University Press, 2004
344 pp. $16.95

This new edition traces developments in the five years since Waging Peace first appeared, with two new chapters ("Ehud Barak and the Collapse of the Peace Process" and "Sharon, Bush, and Arafat") plus a revised conclusion. All the strengths of the first edition remain in place, making this informed presentation of the policies and performances of the different parties possibly the best short account of Israel's relations with the Arabs, especially from the 1991 Madrid Conference to the present. Rabinovich is at his best in breaking down critical issues, such as the Arafat-Barak-Clinton Camp David talks, into the available options. In tracing the breakdown of the promise of Israeli-Palestinian peace beginning in 1993, his analysis depicts less a single turning point than a myriad of false steps and failures on all sides. The Oslo peace process, he concludes, did not fail; it was never properly implemented.

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