Cold Peace: Russia's New Imperialism

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Cold Peace: Russia's New Imperialism

By Janusz Bugajski
Praeger, 2004
312 pp. $49.95

Bugajski provides the first detailed, tightly woven assessment of post-Soviet Russian policy in eastern Europe, and it is highly critical. Russia is Russia, still locked in its imperial ways, determined to restore its dominance over lost territory, penetrate and neutralize NATO's central European members, and regain by stealth some kind of competitive position with the United States. Were Russia moving toward democracy or shedding its imperial mentality the quest for restored power and place would not be a threat. Because Russia is not, its actions from the Baltic to the Balkans call for what can fairly be described as a neo-containment policy on the part of the United States and, Bugajski hopes, its transatlantic allies. Even those who see Russian policy in less black-and-white terms will learn much from this systematic, informed treatment of Russia's relations with every part of this region--from Belarus to Croatia, Estonia to Bulgaria.

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