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Global Views 2004: Mexican Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Global Views 2004: Mexican Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Edited by Guadalupe González, Susan Minushkin, and Robert Y.
Chicago Council on Foreign Relations and Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, 2005, 52 pp

The first-ever comprehensive expert survey of Mexican public opinion on international affairs finds surprisingly strong majorities welcoming cooperation with the United States on trade and security and favoring an active Mexican role in international affairs (for example, in promoting democracy and in UN peacekeeping). Mexicans living near the border are especially enthusiastic about free trade and admiring of the United States -- suggesting that more exposure breeds more trust. Another piece of good news for the Bush administration is that 70 percent of Mexicans would support a deal linking more liberal immigration policies to a Mexican crackdown on drug trafficking and illegal migration (though not to giving American companies greater access to Mexican oil and gas). Mexican leaders, meanwhile, overwhelmingly value foreign investment and globalization and, like winners in most countries, express optimism about the future. The finding that Mexicans have warm feelings toward the International Monetary Fund, however, raises questions about the poll's methodology; it is very much to be hoped for that, with refinements, these informative surveys become periodic, providing policymakers on both sides of the border with a scientific mapping of Mexican attitudes and values.