Russia and the European Union: Prospects for a New Relationship

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Russia and the European Union: Prospects for a New Relationship

By Oksana Antonenko and Kathryn Pinnick
Routledge, 2005
304 pp. $105.00

Collaborative volumes are best when they bring a range of expertise to a subject few single authors can cover alone, and do it without losing coherence. That is what this team of authors has managed to do on a sprawling topic. They address all aspects of Russia's complex relationship with the European Union: from the place of the EU in Russia's foreign policy thinking to the concrete issues under negotiation; from the role of subregional cooperative arrangements to key bilateral relationships, such as those between Moscow and Tallinn, Warsaw, and Kaliningrad. There is even a chapter on the economic implications of EU enlargement for Russia's Pskov region. Conceived and largely executed two years before the EU hit the roadblocks of 2005, the book still manages better than any other source to give the reader an in-depth picture of the issues at stake on this critical axis.

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