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Chasing the Sun: Rethinking East Asian Policy
Chasing the Sun: Rethinking East Asian Policy
By Morton Abramowitz and Stephen Bosworth
Century Foundation Press, 2006, 167 pp

These two distinguished diplomat-scholars, each with years of experience analyzing Asian developments and shaping U.S. policy toward the region, have teamed up to make an urgent appeal for rethinking Washington's Asia policy. In clear, authoritative prose, they argue that Asia is going through a period of significant transition and that U.S. officials need to recognize the significance of that fact. They worry that if the United States fails to engage with the region, U.S. influence will decline -- especially given how dramatically opinions of the superpower have deteriorated in recent years. Although they accept that China will be key to regional developments, they also give significant attention to the role that Southeast Asia will play. One comes away from the book thinking that the United States would be better off if the authors were back in the driver's seat.