Figuring Out the Doha Round

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Figuring Out the Doha Round (Policy Analyses in International Economics)
By Gary Clyde Hufbauer,Jeffrey J. Schott,Woan Foong Wong
Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2010
128 pp. $19.95

Many people have given up on the WTO’s Doha Round, the ninth round of multilateral trade negotiations, which began in 2001 and was stymied in 2008. Not these authors. They argue strongly that the Doha Round should be resumed and brought to a successful conclusion. In Figuring Out the Doha Round, they offer new estimates of the gains to international trade and to production that a successful Round could achieve, by country and industry. According to the authors, on the basis of the compromise proposal on the table in 2008, the prospective benefits to the United States are small, but they believe Americans should be interested in the positive effects in developing countries. They go on to argue for a “topping up” of the negotiating agenda -- including sectoral agreements on chemicals, electronics and information technology, and environmental goods -- which, if successful, could enlarge the gains all around by a factor of five. This book is not for numerophobes; it contains many quantitative estimates and much discussion of the methods used to make them.

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