The Future of Transatlantic Relations: Perceptions, Policy, and Practice

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The Future of Transatlantic Relations: Perceptions, Policy and Practice (Stanford Security Studies)
Stanford Security Studies, 2010
336 pp. $24.95

This volume’s recent histories of NATO are potted, and its presentation of international relations theory is rudimentary and at times just plain wrong. Yet the chapters on individual countries are insightful. They demonstrate that major Western powers have divergent threat perceptions and priorities. Of course, since the end of the Cold War, almost every book on NATO has made that observation. Yet all of them also conclude, as does this book, that there is no viable alternative to cooperation within NATO -- a fact made evident by the relative success of the organization’s intervention in Libya. To paraphrase Winston Churchill on democracy, NATO is the worst form of transatlantic military cooperation, except for all the others.

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