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Che Wants to See You: The Untold Story of Che Guevara
Che Wants to See You: The Untold Story of Che Guevara
By Ciro Bustos
Verso, 2013, 320 pp

A former Cuban intelligence operative and member of Che Guevara’s ill-fated Bolivian insurgency, the Argentine Bustos emphatically denies the charge that information he gave under interrogation to the Bolivian military was instrumental in Guevara’s capture and death in 1967; rather, he claims, Guevara’s fate was sealed thanks to information already in the hands of the Bolivians. A literate and observant artist by profession, Bustos extols Guevara’s sacrificial utopianism and historical fatalism, yet his stories constitute a less flattering profile of the man’s leadership style and analytic grasp. Notably, Bustos confirms that Guevara’s strategic goal was not revolution in Bolivia but something more grandiose: seizing power in Argentina. Bustos also suggests that a duplicitous Cuba abandoned Guevara: by the time of his capture, “Havana had already taken off its earphones and pulled down its antennae.” Now settled in Sweden, Bustos distinguishes between what he considers his lifetime of selfless revolutionary idealism and “terrorist martyrdom, which carries out someone else’s design in return for a place in paradise.”