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The Art of Lobbying the EU: More Machiavelli in Brussels
The Art of Lobbying the EU: More Machiavelli in Brussels
By Rinus van Schendelen
Amsterdam University Press, 2013, 390 pp

Academics and practitioners generally go their separate ways, barely paying attention to each other. Occasionally, however, a scholarly book emerges whose scope, clarity, and focus on a vital issue allow it to cross the theory-praxis divide. This latest edition of van Schendelen’s classic work synthesizes the most important lessons that political scientists, management scholars, and the best public affairs professionals have learned about how to lobby the European Union. Mastering the EU process is hard, as the five pages of abbreviations at the beginning of the book attest. Yet knowledge helps lobbyists pick which buttons to push when dealing with EU policymakers. Although the book is not an easy read, it makes even complex questions -- such as whether lobbyists are a force for Europe’s democratic legitimacy -- concrete and accessible to the average reader. It is hard to imagine anyone succeeding in Brussels without knowing what is in this unique volume.