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Inside African Politics
Inside African Politics
By Pierre Englebert and Kevin C. Dunn
Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2013, 451 pp

Academics no longer need lament the absence of a good textbook on African politics for undergraduates. Englebert and Dunn have produced what will no doubt become the standard text for years to come: a sharply written, well-informed, and completely up-to-date book that should find a wide audience beyond the classroom, as well. Exceptional scholars in their own right, Englebert and Dunn introduce the reader to a wide variety of debates about the region, which they examine evenhandedly and with a minimum of jargon. The discussions of civil conflict and security issues are particularly good. The authors reveal how breakdowns of law and order are intimately connected to failed projects of national integration and state formation, and they place specific conflicts in their proper regional and international contexts.