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Why We Need Nuclear Power: The Environmental Case
Why We Need Nuclear Power: The Environmental Case
By Michael H. Fox
Oxford University Press, 2014, 320 pp

Fox might seem an unlikely advocate for nuclear power: he is a biologist who studies the effects of radiation on living things. But he also takes the threat of climate change seriously and believes that the world must reduce its dependence on coal, in part by building many more nuclear power plants. Nuclear energy, he argues, can provide plentiful electric power at a reasonable cost in a way that most renewable sources of energy cannot. The book’s discussions of complex scientific issues, including a useful explanation of the influence of radiation on human health, should be accessible to anyone who recalls high school physics. Fox’s forceful case for more nuclear power sensibly addresses the dangers, health issues, fuel supply, waste disposal, and potential costs involved; this book deserves to find an audience not only in North America but also in Europe and Japan.