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Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know
Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know
By Joseph Romm
Oxford University Press, 2015, 328 pp

The international climate conference held in Paris last year created a conceptual framework for governments to address climate change and set an aspirational target: to limit the increase in the globe’s surface temperature to two degrees Celsius above that of the preindustrial era—which means an increase of less than one degree from the current level. Romm provides a useful primer on the drivers of climate change, the ways that the world might achieve that target, and the obstacles to moving away from business as usual. It draws on the latest scientific work, with its many remaining uncertainties, to assess the current situation and outlook and examines emerging “decarbonization” technologies for use in energy production and agriculture. The book’s tone is somewhat alarmist, but it is full of useful information and accessible analysis.