The West Point History of the American Revolution

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The West Point History of the American Revolution
Edited by Clifford J. Rogers, Ty Seidule, and Samuel J. Watson
Simon & Schuster, 2017
320 pp.

The essays in this authoritative collection illuminate the origins and conduct of the American War of Independence, with a particular focus on the transformation of the Continental army under George Washington into a professional and disciplined fighting force—a crucial achievement, even though Washington lost many of the battles he fought. After weighing all the factors that contributed to the revolutionaries’ eventual victory, including Great Britain’s long supply lines, Stephen Conway concludes that the foreign interventions by France, the Netherlands, and Spain mattered most. In one of his contributions, Watson examines the wider social and political contexts of the Revolution, as well as the role played by developments in weaponry and the art of war. The special value of this book lies in its splendid presentation: it features excellent illustrations, maps, timelines, and charts, as well as reproductions of key documents and letters.

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