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The Hillary Doctrine: Sex and American Foreign Policy
The Hillary Doctrine: Sex and American Foreign Policy
By Valerie M. Hudson and Patricia Leidl
456 pp, Columbia University Press, 2015

When Hillary Clinton’s career as a lawyer first drew media attention during the 1992 presidential campaign of her husband, Bill Clinton, she mused that she could have skipped law practice to stay at home and bake cookies. The comment led to a now-famous cookie bake-off between Clinton and Barbara Bush, which the upstart Arkansas governor’s wife handily won. Eighteen years later, as secretary of state in the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama, Clinton supported an ambitious effort to put energy-efficient, environmentally friendly cookstoves in the kitchens of 100 million poor women around the world. “By upgrading these dirty stoves, millions of lives could be saved and improved,” she proclaimed.

There are some women who surmount gender stereotypes but then do little to help others confront that challenge. Clinton is not one of them. Having faced sexism throughout her long career in public life, she has shown an uncommon

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  • SUZANNE NOSSEL is Executive Director of PEN American Center and former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Organizations. She is a volunteer adviser on human rights issues to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Follow her on Twitter @SuzanneNossel.
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