A Sneak Peek at the January/February 2013 Issue

Foreign Affairs New Issue CoverFor 90 years, Foreign Affairs has had a single, constant mission: getting the most knowledgeable authors to tackle the most important public issues in a clear, honest, and compelling way. That's the reason we're the world's leading forum for serious discussion of global affairs.

Now we're putting our classic wine in a beautiful new bottle. This issue showcases our fresh look, an eyecatching cover, a crisp, clean layout inside, and some new features.

Don't miss the upcoming issue with these must-read pieces:

  • "Can America Be Fixed? The New Crisis of Democracy" by Fareed Zakaria
  • "The Mirage of the Arab Spring: Deal With the Region You Have, Not the Region You Want" by Seth G. Jones
  • "The Fall and Rise of the West: Why America and Europe Will Emerge Stronger From the Financial Crisis" by Roger C. Altman

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