What the Fiscal Cliff Looks Like

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The Tax Hike Canard
The Right Way Down the Fiscal Cliff
Martin Feldstein
If the United States avoids increasing government spending as a share of GDP, it could actually lower tax rates since, given the U.S. tax structure, revenue generated by income taxes rises faster than GDP. What the country really needs now is to broaden its tax base.

Prosperity Isn't Free
The Fair Way Down the Fiscal Cliff

Robert Greenstein
To get out of its economic hole, the United States needs to cut spending and increase revenue. But policymakers must not let new taxes harm low-income working families, who have the fewest resources to contribute to reducing the deficit anyway.

Conference Call with Martin Feldstein and Alan Blinder on the Fiscal Cliff
Martin Feldstein, Alan S. Blinder, Gideon Rose
Gideon Rose speaks with Martin Feldstein and Alan Binder about the fiscal cliff and deals to avert it.

What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Didn't Do: The Automatic Spending Cuts and Where They Come From

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