World AIDS DAY 2005

World AIDS Day

December 1, 2005

On December 1, World AIDS Day is commemorated around the globe. This is a time to reflect on progress made in the battle against the AIDS pandemic and focus on the challenges ahead. Because this deadly disease moves slowly, many of its social, political and economic effects have yet to be understood fully, but these three articles that appeared in Foreign Affairs are a good place to start.

— From the Archives —

Read Laurie Garrett's The Lessons of HIV/AIDS about the new threats to stability and security that may emerge as the pandemic escalates.

Attention to the HIV/AIDS pandemic is often focused on the staggering death toll in Africa. However, in The Future of AIDS, Nicholas Eberstadt points out that waves of infection in Russia, India and China threaten to alter these states' economic potential and the global balance of power.

In The Politics of AIDS: Engaging Conservative Activists, Holly Burkhalter makes the case that unity is needed across political lines to develop a comprehensive approach toward prevention and treatment.

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